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Our course

We accept 10 students at a time. Our courses are short, intense and very practical. We only hire the best instructors and we are proud of our curriculum. There are different ways to study at our school. The first is to pay per week. The second is to enroll in the 4 or 8 week full-time professional farrier course.

100 level course (4 weeks)

Study work

Hoof Anatomy

Leg anatomy (knee down)

Helmet angles



Hoof abnormalities

Abnormalities in the legs

forging work

Plain Stamped front horseshoe

Plain Stamped rear horseshoe

Fore punch




Correctly shoe 1 foot with a handmade stamped smooth horseshoe in 2 hours

200 level course (4 weeks)

Study work

anatomy review

Tendons and ligaments



ring bone

lateral bone infection

forging work

full front horseshoe

tumbled rear horseshoe

Rolled toe at the front.

Front tilt tip



Shoe 2 feet with hand-forged horseshoes in 2 hours

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